Child custody cases – child’s care, visitation rights and child support payments, Kempele, Raahe and Oulu

We provide professional services in matters related to child custody: children’s care, housing, visitation rights and child support.

Professional legal assistance in child custody cases

When parents have decided to separate, one of the most important issues to solve is the children’s guardianship, living situation, visitation rights and amount of child support. Disagreements can lead to a child custody battle.

In a best care scenario, the parents are able to agree on the children’s matters in good understanding. In such cases, the agreements on custody matters, living situation (live-in parent/remote parent), visitation rights and child support will be made in an appointment with a Child Welfare Officer. However, it is not always possible to reach a common understanding in these matters, and, in such situations, expert support from a professional lawyer is needed.

Disputes related to children’s custody, housing, visitation rights and child support will be resolved in a court of law. In legal matters concerning children, an alternative to legal proceedings is the child welfare mediation (‘Follo’ method), the purpose of which is to reach a common understanding together with the parents, their legal assistants, mediator and a specialist assistant. This method is a much faster, lighter and more affordable process than the traditional legal proceedings in a court of law.

With the help of the experts, it is also possible to reach a decision that satisfies both parties through the mediation, whereas in a trial setting one parent will always ‘win’ and the other will ‘lose’.


Legal proceedings and other matters

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