Attorney from Oulu with an attitude

Lex Uleåborg is an attorney’s office located in Kempele, very close to Oulu, with another office further south in Raahe. We also handle assignments in Kuusamo and Ylivieska.

Our attorneys are top specialists in their fields. Learn about our versatile legal services and don’t hesitate to make use of our offer of free preliminary advice!

Effortless and professional legal services

We always primarily seek amicable settlement in all matters. It is, in fact, an attorney’s duty to find out about the opportunities for reconciliation prior to trial. We feel that successful advocacy is often all about avoiding unnecessary arguments.

Our attorneys are experienced counsels in their own specialty areas, as well as in legal proceedings and conciliation processes. You can easily find our service price list on our Web site, and we also provide free preliminary advice, over the phone or in person.

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