Prices for legal services

Does legal expenses insurance cover the cost of a lawyer? Am I entitled to state legal aid?

Private law services

Prices include VAT 24%.


220 €


450 €

Authorised power of trusteeship

400 €

Estate inventory deeds

from 550 €

The price depends on the extent of the inheritance.

Partition agreements (divorce)

from 800 €

Estate distribution instruments

from 700 €

The price depends on the extent of the inheritance.

Litigation and other matters

from 223,20 € /h

The hourly rate depends on the complexity of the case.

Legal expenses insurance

Home insurance policy generally includes legal insurance.

Under the terms of the insurance policy, legal expenses insurance covers the costs of the commonest types of court cases and criminal cases. Among the costs that are not usually covered by legal expenses insurance are legal costs in cases relating to divorce,  common-law divorce, child maintenance, living arrangements or access rights, or legal expenses for matters related to salaried employment.

If you have legal expenses insurance, we can determine for you whether it would cover the costs of handling your matter, and we can draw up a legal expenses application for you.

State legal aid

Persons with a low income may be eligible for free state legal aid. We will determine your eligibility for public legal aid and apply for it on your behalf.

You can also make your own approximate estimate with a legal expenses calculator here.