Criminal matters Kempele, Raahe and Oulu

We offer professional legal assistance to all parties of a criminal process.

Legal expertise and assistance in criminal matters

Both the victim and the suspect of a crime have the right to legal assistance for the duration of the entire criminal process, from the preliminary investigation to the trial.

We assist both the victims and the suspects/the accused in criminal matters in Oulu, Kempele and Raahe. We will support you through the entire process and make sure that your interests and rights will be appropriately taken into account throughout the process.

Using a lawyer in criminal matters as early on as during the preliminary investigation is well-founded. Regarding the suspect, for example, a lawyer will make sure that the methods utilised during the police interrogation are fully legal and that the suspect does not end up contributing to the process of reviewing their possible guilt.

After the police’s preliminary investigation, the criminal process proceeds to the prosecutor for consideration. After the preliminary investigation has ended, the parties still have the opportunity to give their final statements or demand further investigations. If the prosecutor then decides to file charges, they will deliver the writ of summons to the District Court.

During a trial, the legal assistant’s duty is to exercise their client’s right to speak by orally defending the accused against the charges or by presenting the sentence and damage claims on behalf of the victim of the crime. Any claims and answers will be presented orally during the trial. Anyone unsatisfied with the court’s decision has the right to take it to the Court of Appeal.

In criminal matters, both the accused and the victim of the crime have the right to the state’s legal assistance. In certain more serious criminal matters, a defender can be assigned to the accused. The legal expenses insurance included in home insurance can often be used to assist the victim of a crime.


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In criminal matters, please contact:

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