Criminal cases

We assist both victims and suspects in criminal matters in Oulu and nearby areas.

Are you the suspect of a crime, or have you become the victim of a crime?

Both victims and suspects have the right to legal assistance throughout the entire legal process, from preliminary investigation to trial.

Lex Uleåborg lawyers assist both victims and suspects / the accused in criminal matters in Oulu and the surrounding areas.

With police inquiries, trials and other demanding aspects, criminal proceedings and often involve a significant amount of psychological and emotional strain. With skilful legal assistance, you will be supported and guided throughout the process to ensure that your interests and rights are properly taken into account at every phase.

In criminal matters, it is advisable to have legal assistance already at the pre-trial stage. For suspects, for example, amongst other benefits legal assistance will ensure that police interrogation methods are lawful and that suspects do not unwittingly implicate themselves.

Interviews with the victim of a crime can also be a very traumatic experience, involving detailed recollection and analysis of the event. In such cases, the legal assistant’s role is to support the principal and to ensure that no legally significant issues remain unreported.

If the criminal proceedings go to trial, it is the legal assistant’s duty to use the right of action bestowed on them by the principal to either respond to the accusation on behalf of the accused, or to submit a claim for punishment and compensation on behalf of the victim. If dissatisfied with a decision given in a district court, both parties have the bring the matter to a court of appeal.

In criminal cases, both the accused and the victim of the crime have the right to receive state legal aid. In more serious criminal cases, the defendant may also be appointed a defence lawyer. In some less serious cases, victims of a crime can often draw on legal expenses insurance taken out in conjunction with home insurance.


Prices include VAT 24%.

Litigation and other matters

from 150 € /h

The price if you are not entitled to state legal aid or you do not have legal expenses insurance. The hourly rate depends on the complexity of the case.

In criminal matters, you will be assisted by:

Jussi Ylönen

Jussi Ylönen

LL.M., attorney-at-law, authorised trial assistant

+358 40 4557 658