Litigation and judicial proceedings

Dispute resolution and litigation are our key areas of expertise.

Often, it is in the client’s interest to aim for settlement rather than take the case to court

Dispute resolution and litigation are our lawyers’ core areas of expertise. We handle every stage of dispute resolution with an expert and client-oriented approach.

Litigation plays a central role in law enforcement, but in many cases it would be in the best interest of the client to attempt to settle the matter out of court. The preconditions for an out-of-court settlement are always clarified before taking the dispute to court, and the case can also be brought to court for settlement if both parties consent to this. Successful dispute resolution is often an effective means of avoiding unnecessary conflict. Our lawyers handle disputes in several areas, for example in disputes related to:

  • Housing and real estate deals
  • Contracts and damages
  • Employment and employment relationships in the public sector
  • Leasing of residential and commercial premises, and evictions
  • Demands for payments
  • Trade in movables
  • Appeals in execution proceedings and enforcement
  • Housing associations

For most disputes, it is possible to make use of legal expenses insurance taken out in conjunction with a home insurance policy. Insurance companies have now taken many different measures to restrict the use of legal expenses insurance, so before agreeing on a legal services assignment it will be necessary to clarify the coverage of the prospective client’s insurance policy.


Prices include VAT 24%.

Litigation and other matters

from 150 € /h

The price if you are not entitled to state legal aid or you do not have legal expenses insurance. The hourly rate depends on the complexity of the case.

In matters related to disputes and legal proceedings, you will be assisted by:

Jussi Ylönen

Jussi Ylönen

Attorney-at-law, member of the Finnish bar Association